Want to learn how to save a life?

Free CPR Classes

Take any CPR, AED, BLS or First Aid class for free

Free CPR, AED and First Aid Classes

At the American AED CPR Association, we want everyone to learn how to help save a life. Which is why we offer all of our classes for free. 

Free CPR Classes

We want everyone to learn CPR, which is why we offer all of our classes for free. It’s important for everyone to know how to save a live. In addition to free CPR classes online, we also offer free assistance to anyone looking to learn CPR. Have a question? Ask one of our instuctors.

Are you ready to save a life?

If someone had a heart attack would you know what to do? The time to learn life-saving skills is not at the time of an emergency. When someone is having a heart attack, seconds count. It’s also important to act quickly for stroke victims. Knowing what to do can make the difference between life and death.

Learn to save a life

Anyone can learn CPR and First Aid. Even if you are physically unable to perform CPR, you can still help save a life. Performing CPR can be exhausting. But effective life-saving techniques include many factors. These factors are what make up the Chain of Survival which is also covered in our Free CPR class.

We offer classes in CPR, AED, BLS, First Aid as well as Bloodborne Pathogens. All classes are compliant with American Heart, ECC and OSHA. Take one of our classes or take them all. We update our classes regularly. All of our classes inlcude the latest updates.

Compression only CPR

We strongly recommend using PPE or Personal Protective Equipment to protect yourself. However, sometimes emergencies happen when you’re not prepared. Perform Compression-Only CPR when you do not have a bag valve mask or protective equipment. A victim in cardiac arrest will generally have 4-6 minutes of oxygen in their blood. Press on the victim’s chest hard and fast to supply oxygenated blood to the victim’s essential organs. On an adult, compressions should be 2-2.5 inches in depth. You should also perform the compressions at a rate of around 100 per minute. Most 9-1-1 operators are trained to instruct callers on how to perform compression-only CPR. For more information, go to Compression Only CPR.

Frequently Asked Questions

How come you’re giving classes for free?

We want everyone to learn. Our goal is to help save lives. Our biggest reward is when one of our students uses what they learned in class and saves someone’s life. We also have a CPR in Schools program.

Is this the class the same as one I pay for?

Yes! This is the same exact class. The free classes cover the exact same material as the paid classes. However, if you purchase the class first. your test answers are permanently saved. That is the only difference. You still have full access to all of the same course materials.

Are online CPR classes accepted?

Absolutely! But be careful, many online providers do not offer legitimate certifications. Our classes have been approved in all 50 States, the Federal government and Puerto Rico. We have been providing CPR certifications since 1999. We are the most trusted online certification provider by hospitals, schools, insurance companies, and public agencies.

Do I need to pass in order to perform CPR?

No, you do not need to pass or even take a class to perform CPR. There are many instances where people have been able to perform CPR even though they have never taken a class. However, you may need a current certification to use an AED. Check your local requirements to see what laws apply to your state. You can also take one of our online classes for more information what is allowed as a lay rescuer.

What’s the difference between your class and other online classes?

Our online classes cover the same exact material as our instructors give in class. The tests we give online are the same length and content as our instructor based classes. Our online classes are complete classes. We don’t cut corners. Which is why our’s are the most accepted certifications in the industry. Classes offered by other providers don’t meet the same quality standards.

Can I use this for my job?

Of course, you can use this for your job. Once you complete the class and test, you will have the opportunity to purchase a card to present to your employer. Check with your employer. Click Here if your employer requires BLS. Click Here if your employer requires Basic CPR. Make sure you take the correct course.

Can I be sued if I perform CPR incorrectly?

Good Samaritan laws will protect you but only as long as you do not go beyond your level of training. For more information, check out one of our free online classes.

To take a class or for more information, go to: www.aedcpr.com/free-classes/

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