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How Often is BBP Training Required?

A graphic depiction of bloodborne pathogens

If you work in certain industries, your job may require bloodborne pathogen training, but do you know how often BBP training is required?

Bloodborne pathogens, the microorganisms present in human blood that can cause diseases, are a critical concern for workers in healthcare, sanitation, and several other industries. Understanding how to handle these pathogens safely is essential to ensure … read more

The 7 Steps of First Aid

A person is prepared to perform basic first aid procedures

In moments of crisis, knowing how to act effectively can be the dividing line between relief and tragedy. First aid, the initial assistance given to a victim of injury or illness, involves simple yet vital procedures that can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. The significance of first aid extends beyond saving lives; it also aids in reducing … read more

Agonal Breathing: What is it? What should I do?

A person helps another person with agonal breathing

Agonal breathing, a term that may sound unfamiliar to many, is a critical aspect of understanding and responding to breathing emergencies. Whether you’ve encountered it firsthand or have only heard the term in passing, it is essential to grasp the significance of recognizing and addressing agonal breathing promptly. 

Let’s look more closely at agonal breathing, shedding light on its nature, … read more