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Online CPR

The American AED/CPR Association online CPR & AED is designed to be an easy, convenient way to learn Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. You will also get your certification to use Automatic External Defibrillators. The class includes live action video in addition to interactive computer generated animations. You will also be able to practice the actual sequence of using an AED or Automatic External Defibrillator in the training.

There are many benefits to online training. Our classes are in an easy learning format where you can learn Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, and get AED (defibrillator) training, at your own pace. Included are video demonstrations that you can replay as often as you like, with clearly illustrated graphics, while in a more relaxed learning atmosphere. For over 20 years the American AED/CPR Association has been offering classes. Schools, colleges, hospitals, doctors, military, government, coaches, personal trainers as well as HR administrators have endorsed our classes. The American AED CPR Association certifiesy anyone required to take an CPR and AED defibrillator training course. We can also teach anyone who just wants to learn.

AEDCPR has National Accreditation for all certifications. All classes developed by American Heart Association (AHA) trained instructors. Furthermore, training classes are fully AHA/ECC/ILCOR/OSHA Compliant. We follow the latest guidelines and update our courses regularly. All of our instructors are certified. Courses written by AHA Instructor Trainers with over 25 years experience and updated on a regular basis. Therefore, you can be certain the course you take contains the latest guidelines.

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Covers CPR, AED (defibrillator), EMS, first aid basics, medical emergencies, trauma, bleeding, amputations, poisoning and more.

Healthcare Provider BLS

Covers Adult, Child, Infant, AED Training and Choking. Designed for anyone who has a BLS certification requirement for their job or school.

Standard CPR/AED

Covers Adult, Child, Infant, AED and Choking. Learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation and save a life today.

Updated Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and AED

The recommendations for performing effective cardiopulmonary resuscitation may have changed since the last time you have taken a class. During the assessment we now teach CAB(D) which stands for Circulation, Airway, Breathing and Defibrillation. This is due to many studies focusing on cardiac arrest survival rates and Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC), which often includes the use of a defibrillator. Previously, the "ABC’s of cardiopulmonary resuscitation" were part of the "Chain of Survival". This stands for "Airway, Breathing and Circulation". Focus was on opening the victim’s airway and providing oxygen. However, the new focus on providing quality chest compressions and early defibrillation has proven to increase SCA survival rates. Our Key Numbers Chart lists some of the changes. The ratio of compressions to ventilations has changed, it is now 30:2 for nearly all types of victims and perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation for 2 minutes before pausing to reassess the victim.

Online CPR AED Training - First Time or Renewal

Class: Online CPR AED | Adult, Child and Infant
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Learn Online CPR and Save a Life!

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is provided to victims who are in Cardiac Arrest. By suppling a flow of oxygenated blood to the heart, brain and major organs, you will buy time until EMS arrives and can provide advanced cardiac life support. In addition, Rescue Breathing provides oxygen to the bloodstream of a victim who is unable to adequately breathe. Chest compressions circulate the oxygen rich blood to throughout the victim’s body when their heart is unable to pump blood.

AED’s, also known as Automated External Defibrillators, are one of the biggest advancement in first responder cardiac life support. If a victim is suffering from V-FIB (ventricular fibrillation) or similar shockable rhythms, a defibrillator can help get the heart back to a normal rhythm. By sending an electrical shock through the heart, a defibrillator can stop cardiac arrest due to irregular contractions and electrical impulses. As a result, the victim's heart can resume normal function. Another benefit of an Automated External Defibrillator is that anyone can be trained to use them. Equally important, an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training course can be completed quickly and easily online.

The American AEDCPR Association has been providing quality nationally accredited safety training for over 20 years. Our national network of instructors can provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training online, or conveniently at your location.

AEDCPR can certify you online in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, BLS, Automated External Defibrillator (AED), Basic First-Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens as well as continuing education credits. Our online CPR, Automated External Defibrillator (AED), First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogens Certification courses include the Latest ECC Guidelines. You can learn CPR quickly and easily with AEDCPR's interactive online CPR certification class. AEDCPR's classes include video demonstrations of Adult, Child, and Infant Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. You can use our exclusive interactive Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Training Online Demo to practice defibrillator pad placement and use of an automatic external defibrillator.

First time or Renewal

Designed for the Non-Professional Rescuer who has a requirement for a Certification in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. This class covers the basics of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, foreign body airway obstruction (Heimlich Maneuver) and use of an Automated External Defibrillator. If you are required to take a class with BLS skills, please see our Healthcare Provider BLS classes.

Class Outline

Blended Online CPR AED Training

Blended online CPR certification classes use both online and in-class instruction methods. With a blended online CPR class, you take our online class. Then an instructor will give you a live demonstration and allow you to practice on a CPR manikin and use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). This method is preferred by many companies and schools since students have the ability to take the online class any time. Then have one of our instructors come in for hands on practice which takes much less time than traditional CPR certification classes.

FAQ's About Online CPR AED Training Courses

What are the current Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training requirements?
Defibrillator laws vary by state. Most states require that anyone who uses a defibrillator to have taken a CPR AED Training Class. All of our CPR classes include AED training. If a defibrillator is at your workplace, the medical director for the defibrillator will establish the AED training requirements as well as emergency protocols.
Question: Can I really learn how to save a life by taking an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training class online?
Answer: Absolutely! Our Online CPR AED Training class is a great way to learn at your own pace. We offer 24 hour support including weekends and holidays. If you need an instructor it's only 1 click away.You can return to the site as often as you like if you want to refresh your knowledge or if CPR protocols change.
Question: What makes your class different from your competitors?
Answer: Our Online CPR AED Training Classes cover the exact same material that our instructors teach in the classroom. We started by teaching instructor based classes throughout the country, and we still do.
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