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You must possess a current CPR certification card or a card expired less than 6 months for CPR and AED to renew your certification.

Our courses are Nationally Accredited and are fully AHA/ECC/ILCOR/OSHA Compliant. We follow the latest guidelines and update our courses regularly. All of our instructors are AHA trained. CPR certification course material is written and updated on a regular basis by AHA Instructor Trainers with over 25 years of experience.

We offer 24-hour support. Both instructors and technical support specialists are available to help with your online CPR renewal. We also have a knowledge base online with answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Have a question during a class? You can ask one of our certified CPR instructors for assistance.

Group discounts for online CPR renewal courses are available to groups of 5 or more. Hospitals, schools, corporations, organizations, and small groups all qualify for discounts on CPR certification and CPR renewal classes. Discounts start at 25%.

Administrators can manage, print, and keep track of all certifications. We specialize in managing OSHA/ILCOR safety certifications for all types of organizations and government agencies. Our group administration dashboard is designed to help HR and compliance administrators manage employee certifications.

Designed for the Professional Rescuer, Healthcare Providers, Emergency Response Teams, Doctors, Safety Personnel, Police, Ambulance, Athletic Trainers, Airline Employees, Life Guards or anyone who has a requirement to recertify or renew their CPR Certification card. This class covers the basics of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, foreign-body airway obstruction (Heimlich Maneuver), and the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

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Covers CPR, AED, EMS, first aid basics, medical emergencies, trauma, bleeding, amputations, poisoning and more.

Healthcare Provider BLS
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Covers Adult, Child, Infant CPR, AED and Choking. Designed for anyone who has a CPR certification requirement for their job or school.

Standard CPR/AED
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Covers Adult, Child, Infant CPR, AED and Choking. Learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation and save a life today.

Online CPR Renewal: Healthcare Provider BLS

Our Online CPR Renewal class for Healthcare Provider BLS class was written by an American Heart Association Instructor Trainer/ Paramedic. All materials are reviewed and updated on a regular basis. This class includes the latest guidelines available and is 100% up to date. This is just one of the many reasons why our online Healthcare Provider BLS certifications are accepted in all 50 States.

Online CPR Renewal Training

We fully support the National CPR in Schools Program. Students in middle school or high school are eligible for free training in CPR and AED. Classes can be given online or in a classroom. If your school, church, or non-profit organization would like to take advantage of available free training for students or members, please contact us.

Heart attacks, also known as myocardial infarctions, are caused by a blockage that inhibits the flow of blood to or within the heart. The lack of blood flow will cause the heart muscle tissue to die.

Heart attacks can last for minutes or days. may or may not lead to cardiac arrest. You will learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of a heart attack and why it’s important to act quickly.

People in cardiac arrest often present a common arrhythmia called ventricular fibrillation. During ventricular fibrillation, the heart's lower chambers suddenly start beating chaotically and do not pump blood. Biological death occurs within minutes after the heart stops. Cardiac arrest may be reversed if cardiopulmonary resuscitation is performed immediately and a defibrillator is used to shock the heart and restore a normal heart rhythm within 3-5 minutes.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is provided to victims who are in Cardiac Arrest. Rescue Breathing provides oxygen to the bloodstream of a victim who is unable to adequately breathe. Chest compressions circulate the oxygen-rich blood throughout the victim’s body when the heart is unable to pump blood. The purpose of CPR is to provide an oxygen-rich supply of blood to the major organs, to buy time until Defibrillation and Advanced Care can be administered.

Online CPR and Online CPR Renewal

Class: Online CPR Renewal- Healthcare Provider BLS

The American AEDCPR Association has been providing quality nationally accredited safety training for over 20 years. Our national network of instructors can provide CPR and AED training at your location or conveniently online.

The American AEDCPR Association can certify you online in CPR, AED, BLS, Basic First-Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens as well as continuing education credits. Our online CPR, AED, First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens Certification, and online CPR Renewal courses include the Latest ECC Guidelines.

You can learn CPR quickly and easily with AEDCPR's interactive online CPR certification class. AEDCPR's classes include video demonstrations of Adult CPR, Child CPR, and Infant CPR. You can use our exclusive interactive online AED Demo to practice AED pad placement and the use of an automatic external defibrillator.

CPR Certification Renewal Online

About Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Changes in CPR - There have been many changes in the way CPR is performed. During the assessment, we now teach CAB(D) which stands for Circulation, Airway, Breathing, and Defibrillation.

This is due to many studies focusing on cardiac arrest survival rates and ECC (Emergency Cardiovascular Care). In the past, the focus was given to opening the victim’s airway and providing oxygen. The ABCs were taught which stands for Airway, Breathing, and Circulation.

The new focus on providing quality chest compressions and early defibrillation has proven to increase SCA survival rates. Other changes can be found on our Key Numbers Chart. The ratio of compressions to ventilations has changed, it is now 30:2 for nearly all types of victims. CPR is now performed for 2 minutes before pausing to reassess the victim.

Determine Responsiveness and Activate EMS - You will learn how to determine if your victim is in need of emergency medical attention. If the victim is unresponsive it is important to call 911 or activate your emergency medical services. You will also learn how to assess your victim. Determine if your victim is breathing or if signs of circulation are present.

You’ll learn how to perform CPR and save a life. Immediate quality CPR and defibrillation within 3-5 minutes will give your victim the best chance of survival. It’s important to do effective chest compressions. You will also learn the correct way to provide ventilation to supply much-needed oxygen to the victim.

Rescue Breathing - If your victim has a pulse or signs of circulation but is not breathing adequately, rescue breathing will help supply needed oxygen to prevent the victim from going into cardiac arrest. This class will cover the correct method of performing rescue breathing and when it is required.

Spinal and Cervical Injuries can complicate resuscitation efforts. It’s important to know what to do and what takes precedence. You will learn when to suspect spinal/cervical injury, how to correctly open a victim’s airway, and how to help the victim while minimizing the risk of additional injury.

Re-assessment should happen once about every 2 minutes. Even if your victim is breathing and has a pulse. If you place the victim in the correct recovery position, you will be able to monitor the victim and re-assess while waiting for EMS to arrive.

2 Rescuer CPR - Professional level courses such as Healthcare Provider BLS include 2 Rescuer CPR. You will learn how to properly perform this method and the additional benefits to having 2 rescuers working together.

Our online CPR renewal classes include the use of AEDs or Automated External Defibrillators. One of the biggest advancements in first responder cardiac life support is the Automated External Defibrillator. When a victim is suffering from ventricular fibrillation or similar shockable rhythms, the AED can help get the heart back to a normal sinus rhythm.

By sending an electrical shock through the heart, the AED can stop the irregular contractions and electrical impulses causing cardiac arrest. The best thing about these devices is that anyone can be trained to use them. AED certification can be done quickly and easily online with our accredited classes.

In this course, you will learn how to deal with a Foreign Body Airway Obstruction or Choking victim. You will be more likely to use this life-saving skill outside of a hospital than anything else you will learn in this course. The Heimlich Maneuver or Subdiaphragmatic Thrusts are very effective and easy to perform. You will learn the correct methods to assist choking victims.

Medical-Legal - This course also covers the medical/legal aspects of performing CPR. Most states have comprehensive Good Samaritan laws to protect potential rescuers. It’s important to know what you can and cannot do to help a victim.

Lay Rescuer or Hands-Only CPR - Almost anyone can perform CPR. Studies have shown that over 350,000 people suffer sudden cardiac arrest outside of a hospital setting. If everyone were to learn CPR, many of these lives could be saved. The ECC studies have shown that compression-only CPR is very effective.

There are only 2 simple steps. Step 1 is to call 9-1-1. It’s important to activate EMS and get help on the way.

The second step is to do chest compressions. Press hard and fast. Perform chest compressions at a rate of 100 to 120 compressions per minute.

Be sure to push down about 2 inches. Keep going until EMS arrives and takes over. Survival rates increase dramatically when CPR is performed. Whether you take the professional course or not, performing CPR to the best of your ability can save a life.

Why take the online CPR certification or online CPR renewal courses?

No matter who you are, no matter what walk of life you’re in, you may very well be the one person who has the chance to save a life.

It may come up in the workplace, in a school, or in a church. It may come up at the scene of an accident. It could happen at a restaurant. It could happen on an airplane or on the bus.

The truth is that emergencies happen in the blink of an eye, and unless you’re prepared with your CPR certification, the person who you might have to save might well not make it.

Don’t take the online CPR certification class because you want to be a hero--most of us will never find ourselves in that situation. But take it because you care about the people around you. You care about your kids and your parents and your coworkers. These are all people who may very well need life-saving CPR, and if you have an up-to-date CPR certification, you could be the one to give it to them.

So don’t wait to get your online CPR certification, and if you have a certification and let it lapse, then get an online CPR renewal. There may come a time in your life when you’re very glad that you did.

FAQs About Online CPR Renewal

Question: What about AEDs or Automated External Defibrillators?

Answer: One of the biggest advancements in first responder cardiac life support is the Automated External Defibrillator. When a victim is suffering from ventricular fibrillation or similar shockable rhythms, the AED can help get the heart back to a normal sinus rhythm.

By sending an electrical shock through the heart, the AED can stop the irregular contractions and electrical impulses causing cardiac arrest. The best thing about these devices is that anyone can be trained to use them. AED certification can be done quickly and easily online with our accredited classes.

Question: Why choose to take my CPR Renewal online?

Answer: There are many benefits. Online CPR certification renewal classes are the fastest and most convenient way to learn. Classes are available on your schedule, anytime you like. You can renew your CPR certification online in minutes instead of hours in a classroom.

We offer 24/7 support including weekends and holidays. An instructor is only a click away if you have a question. You can learn at your own pace.

If you didn’t quite understand something, simply go back. Review all or part of the class as much as you like. Our CPR Renewal Online class is a great way to get recertified.

Question: Is getting my CPR certification online renewal as good as in a classroom?

Answer: The curriculum for our CPR online renewal courses is the same as the courses given in a classroom. We cover the same subjects and material. Most students actually report that they learn more online than they did in a classroom.

This is because you have the ability to learn at your own pace. You can start, stop and skip around as much as you like. If you miss something or have a question, you can go back and review whatever course materials you like.

Then take the test only when you’re ready. You can even retake the test as many times as you like. If you do not pass the CPR Renewal test the first time, you can go back and re-take the missed questions without having to retake the entire test.

Question: What about the skills demonstration?

Answer: A skills demonstration is not required for online CPR certification or online CPR Renewal. However, your school or employer may require that you demonstrate your proficiency in CPR.

There are several options available if you are required to perform a CPR skills demonstration. You can meet with a local instructor to take a practical skills exam.

You can also demonstrate your skills to an online instructor. We can send you a CPR mannequin for practice and demonstration. A computer or phone with video capability is required.

Question: How long will it take to complete the Online CPR Renewal Online?
Answer: You can complete the Online CPR Renewal Online class in minutes. Most people complete the class in about 30 minutes, but you can take as much time as you like. Why spend up to 5 hours for a renewal? Our online classes let you work at your own pace.
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