Free CPR Classes

Take any of our CPR classes for free. No credit card required. There is no obligation to pay for a card. Choose from Healthcare Provider BLS, CPR/AED, CPR/AED/First-Aid combination or Bloodborne Pathogens. First time or renewal.

Available Free CPR Classes

Take one of our FREE CPR classes today and learn how to save a life.

Our goal is to help save lives.

CPR and other life-saving techniques can be performed easily by most people. Even if you are physically unable to perform CPR, you may still be able to help save a life. Knowing how and when to activate EMS is very important and makes a big difference. Learning how to relieve an airway obstruction can make the difference between life and death. The Heimlich Maneuver is easy to perform. It has successfully been done by small children, the elderly, and even physically handicapped people. We urge everyone to take a class. Especially those who have others in their care.

Feel free to take one or all of our free online CPR classes. You’ll pay ONLY if you desire (or require) certification. There is no obligation and no credit card is required to take the class (only if you desire certification). If you are a K-12 teacher, when you have finished your FREE CPR classes, please Contact Us to see if you or your organization is eligible for a grant or sponsorship for certification.