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What To Look for in an Online BLS Certification Course

If your job requires that you be Basic Life Support (BLS) certified, you may have lots of questions about online BLS certification. We want to help you to pick the best BLS certification course, online or otherwise. 

Here is our guide for 4 things to look for in a BLS online certification course. 

Expert training

Your training is only as good as your trainers. You’ll want to make sure that you are learning from an expert instructor, and from a curriculum that is informed by experience. AEDCPR, for example, was founded by Mike Figuero who was an instructor for the American Heart Association (AHA), the American Red Cross (ARC), the National Safety Council (NSC), and the American Safety Health Institute (ASHI). That’s the kind of expertise you can count on.

All of our CPR classes, including our online BLS certification class, follow the latest guidelines and are written by American Heart Association (AHA) Instructor Trainers with over 25 years of experience.

Asynchronous learning

One of the best things about getting your BLS certification online is that you can take your class on your own time. Rather than an in-person class that meets at a specific time, online BLS certification training happens primarily through videos and readings, with quizzes and exams to check your learning. 


You want BLS certification that’s specific to your industry. Since many who require BLS certification work in healthcare, we offer a Healthcare Provider BLS class, where our instructors and materials can speak to specific topics relevant to medical professionals and healthcare settings.

Our BLS course is perfect for 

  • Professional Rescuers, 
  • Healthcare Providers,
  • Emergency Response Teams, 
  • Doctors, 
  • Safety Personnel, 
  • Police,
  • Ambulance,  
  • Athletic Trainers, 
  • Airline Employees, 
  • Life Guards

or anyone who has a requirement for BLS certification.

Accepted certification

Your BLS certification is meaningless if your certification card isn’t recognized. While many classes can teach you to perform CPR, if you are looking for an online BLS course, you want to find a class whose credentials will be accepted by your employer and industry. 

The American AED CPR Association has been providing the best online certification classes for more than 20 years.  Our certification credentials are accepted in over 99% of hospitals, schools, medical offices, and other businesses that require BLS certification or certification in CPR.

If you need BLS training, or a BLS renewal, you can’t go wrong with AED CPR. With decades of experience in online BLS certification, an expert staff, and proven course materials, the successful completion of our online BLS certification will give you the skills you need to save lives. 

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