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Group CPR Training

Group CPR Training
Group CPR Training

Group CPR Training Cost

Discounts are available for CPR AED (first time or CPR renewal), Healthcare Provider BLS, CPR/AED/First Aid, Basic First Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogens classes. Any group of 5 or more is usually eligible for special group discount rates. Special discounts are available for schools and nonprofit groups. Click the button below to see how much you can save.


Online Group CPR Training

With an online class, your staff can complete the certification process when it’s most convenient. There is no need to schedule a training day. Group members can log in and take the class from any location with internet access. However, your group can still log in and take the class together.

How To Set Up A Group Class

Online classes

Setting up a group CPR training class is easy. To set up an online class, you simply need a roster with the names of all the participants. Online classes can be purchased with a credit card or purchase order. Easily manage certifications through the administration dashboard. Notices can be sent to let you know it’s time for your group members to take their CPR Renewal. Online group classes can often be set up and completed in a single day.

Classes at your location

To set up a class at your location, you will need sufficient space to accommodate your entire group. For small groups, a simple meeting room will suffice. For larger groups, you may need to hold several classes if the required room is not available. In-person classes require between 3 and 9 hours as opposed to an online class which can be completed is as little as 1 hour.


Social Distancing

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, online group CPR training has been the preferred method for organizations to maintain CPR AED certification compliance. Large gatherings put your group at risk. Online classes make it easy to follow CDC guidelines for proper social distancing.

Group CPR Classes For Your Office

Offering a group class for your office staff is a great way to maintain compliance. You maintain total control over all classes. You can easily see who is in compliance, and who has yet to complete the course. As administrator, you will also receive notices when your staff is due for renewal. Certifications are available to print are also easily organized for compliance audits.

Group CPR for Schools

Many schools are switching to online CPR training for both students and staff. Students can learn in the safety of their homes or in classrooms while maintaining proper social distancing. Many schools are offering both online and in-classroom instruction.

Group Training at Your Location

In comparison, traditional classes are difficult to manage. Many offices will close for part of the day or schedule a weekend class. You need a location large enough for everyone.

Group Management Made Simple

Managing group training saves time. In many cases, all you need to do is supply the names and email addresses of your group’s members. You can also check status, print certifications, and handle compliance, all from your group management page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my group eligible for a group discount?

Any group of 5 or more is eligible for a discount. Group CPR training costs depend on the type of glass and sometimes the size of your group.

Is online training easier for a large group?

Group training is much easier to manage when taken online. The class itself is the same as giving in the classroom. Both online and in-person classes have the exact same test.

Can everyone take the online CPR Renewal class together?

Yes, everyone can take the class together. However, tests must be completed individually. Both written or online are available. Online tests require a smart device or computer.

What if someone fails the test?

Users can retake the test as many times as necessary. They also have the option of correcting just the missed questions.

Can I set up a group CPR Renewal online?

Yes, this is our most popular group class. In fact, most of our clients prefer to have their staff complete their CPR renewal online.

Does Online Group CPR training cost the same?

Taking safety training online can provide substantial savings to your organization. Group CPR classes cost less than half of traditional classroom courses.

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