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How do I give my employee/student access with their own login?

After completing your purchase, follow the prompts to enter the classroom. You may also click the “My Classroom” link if you're logged in to re-enter.


To enter the admin area, click the button that says "CLICK HERE FOR GROUP ADMINISTRATION".

You will see the class you purchased. To register a student, click the button that says “Confirm Name/Register Class”


On the next page, enter the name as you would like it to appear on the card and click the “Submit” button.


The name will appear on the card exactly how it appears on the screen. You can click the “Edit Name” button to update your name anytime before you complete the test. Click the “Continue” button to return to your classroom.


Your student's class is now registered. The “Take Class” and “Take Test” buttons will appear next to the registered class in your admin area. To begin the class or return to the class anytime, click the “Take Class” button. When the class is complete, return to this page and click the “Take Test” button to begin or return to the test.


Logout of your account
You must create an account for each student or let them create their own at

Login to your administrator account
From the group administration page, click the button that says "ASSIGN USER".

On the next page, enter the last name and email address of the student that you used to create their individual accounts and click "Continue"

On the next page you should see the student's full name and email address. Click the "Assign Student to Class" button. The student will now be able to access the course from their own login

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