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Unconscious Infant Choking Victim

When a conscious infant choking victim becomes unconscious, activate EMS. The first thing you should do to the victim is the ďTongue Jaw LiftĒ. With your index finger under the victimís chin, place your thumb in the victimís mouth just far enough to grab the jaw and lift it up. This will allow you to see into the victimís mouth and perhaps see the obstruction. If you see the obstruction, carefully reach into the victimís mouth and remove it. If you canít reach it attempt to ventilate, donít risk pushing it back down. NEVER DO A BLIND FINGER SWEEP ON A CHILD OR INFANT. Then attempt to open the victimís airway with the Head Tilt Chin Lift and give a breath. If it doesnít go in, reposition the head and give another breath. If that does not go in, give 5 back blows followed by 5 chest thrusts.

Online CPR Certification
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