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Conscience Choking Victim

If you see someone giving the universal sign for choking or you suspect that he or she is choking, do the following.

Ask the victim, “are you choking?” If they acknowledge that they are, then ask them, “can you speak?” If they cannot speak the obstruction will need to be relieved. You now need to get permission to help the victim. Tell the victim, “I’ve been trained, I’m going to help you.” If the victim refuses your help, you must back off. If the victim becomes unconscious, then it is implied consent.

Get behind the victim, place one leg between the victim’s legs and take a wide stance. Wrap your arms around the victim’s abdomen. With one hand, make a fist. Place it just above the victim’s navel with your knuckles facing up. With the other hand, grab your fist and thrust inward and upward. The obstruction should come out within the fist few thrusts. Look to see if the obstruction is relieved after every 5 thrusts. Continue these abdominal thrusts until the obstruction is relieved or the victim becomes unconscious.


Online CPR Certification
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