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The American AED/CPR Association Online CPR Certification and Online CPR Recertification class. You can get your CPR Certification quickly and easily with our Nationally Accredited Online CPR Certification course. The American ACA is the ONLY online training center that offers true nationally accredited online and onsite safety training.


Airway Ė We begin our assessment by opening the victimís airway. This is done with the head tilt/chin lift. Place your hand on the victimís forehead and tilt it back while gently lifting the victimís chin with 2 fingers from your other hand. While you canít swallow your tongue, while unconscious it can fall to the back of the mouth and block the victimís airway. Sometimes the head tilt/chin lift will cause spontaneous respirations.

Breathing Ė To check for adequate breathing, maintain the victimís airway while Looking, Listening and Feeling for signs of respirations. Look at the victimís chest. You should see the chest rise and the ribcage expand. Listen and Feel with your ear close to the victimís mouth. Check for a full 5 seconds. The adult victim should breathe at least once every 5 seconds. If your victim does not breathe at least once every 5 seconds then provide 2 rescue breaths. Cover the victimís mouth with your mouth, pinch the nose and breathe slowly. The breaths should take 1 Ĺ - 2 seconds. Provide 2 rescue breaths while watching for the chest to rise with each breath. The volume of air is just enough to make the chest rise.

Circulation Ė To check for signs of circulation, find the carotid artery and check for a pulse for a full 10 seconds.


Online CPR Certification
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