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The American AED/CPR Association Online CPR Certification and Online CPR Recertification class. You can get your CPR Certification quickly and easily with our Nationally Accredited Online CPR Certification course. The American ACA is the ONLY online training center that offers true nationally accredited online and onsite safety training.

 2 Rescuer - Sequence


Provide ventilations

Check carotid for effective compressions. Good compressions will cause a rush of blood through the carotid. If not, instruct other rescuer to go deeper or re-landmark.

Re-assess victim. Check for a pulse. If no pulse, instruct other rescuer “No pulse, continue CPR”.


Provide compressions. Maintain hand position on chest at all times but do not press on chest while other rescuer is ventilating victim unless victim is intubated.

Count out loud. Let other rescuer know exactly where you are (what compression/cycle)


Online CPR Certification
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