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The American AED/CPR Association Online CPR Certification and Online CPR Recertification class. You can get your CPR Certification quickly and easily with our Nationally Accredited Online CPR Certification course. The American ACA is the ONLY online training center that offers true nationally accredited online and onsite safety training.

Medical Legal

· Good Samaritan

· Most states have enacted Good Samaritan laws. These laws will protect you as long as you do not go beyond your level of training, you act in good faith, you do not accept ANYTHING for your services and you do not abandon your victim once you initiate care.

· Permission to treat victim

· When a victim in conscious, permission is required to treat or assist them. When a victim is unconscious then there is “Implied Consent” and you may treat/assist the victim.

· Duty to Act

· If you are required to take a CPR class and possess a current CPR card then you have a Duty to Act while at work. You are not required to perform CPR at any other time.

· Medications

· Medicating a victim is generally not covered by any Good Samaritan laws. It is not advisable to administer any medications to a victim.


Online CPR Certification
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